october 2

i should actually code up this site rather than have everything just all over the place.
and yet, it just feels right to have a page that's just all text. nothing fancy, no beautiful css, no fancy js, just text on the page.
maybe it'll help me focus more on the content of the things that i'm saying rather than how things look. i think i get too obsessed with formatting and making sure a website looks good before i can write anything on it, and that causes me to be paralyzed with indecision before i even get to writing anything.
anyways, today my head really hurt and i couldn't finish the late assignment i told my professor i'd finish by today. it's worth 10% of my final grade, so i really need to finish it, but this migraine just wouldn't go away. plus i stayed up until 5am last night working on a different late assignment for another class, and i'm just exhausted. i need so much more rest, and can't keep running this marathon of work. which is sad, since i have so many things i want to work on, just not the time, the money, nor the energy...
i want to find a place to talk about all of my thoughts and list out all of the ideas of projects i have. but i also want it to be accessible and rss-friendly and look good and responsive and easy to update and easy to find and with analytics and and and...
sometimes it's all just too much

first things first...

hello world
there's nothing here yet
but i guess that's how everything starts out

btw my main website is here but maybe i'll do more creative things here
i'm surprised this editor works on my phone